Dozens arrested for celebrating victory of Pakistan

According to Inquilab (June 21), the police arrested 15 people in Burhanpur city of Madhya Pradesh for celebrating victory of Pakistan over India in a cricket match by bursting crackers. Police station in charge of Shahpur Sanjay Pathak said that arrested people were in the age group of 19. There was a complaint against them that they shouted Pakistan Jindabaad and burst crackers. The court refused to give them bail and they had been sent to jail. They were arrested as there was tension due to their shouting slogan supporting Pakistan. As per another news report, a youth living in Shivpur arrested by the police was known as Mehboob Ali. This man put a post on social media expressing happiness over victory of Pakistan.

According to Sahafat (June 22), a lawyer of Jammu and Kashmir Bar Association Altaf Hussain had been issued show cause notice for putting post on Facebook supporting victory of Pakistan. He said that he was being targeted for being a Muslim.

According to Hindustan Express (June 22), three kids were arrested in Mansuri in Uttarakhand for celebrating victory of Pakistan. It is said that these kids were shouting Pakistan Jindabaad. Theywere sent to jail by the court. As per another news report, 23 people were arrested in Kerala for celebrating victory of Pakistan.

According to Roznama Rashtriya Sahara (June 23), two cases have been filed in Sitamadhi for bursting crackers over the victory of Pakistan in a cricket match. A person has been sent to jail over treason charges and raids are conducted to arrest rest of the accused. Cases have been filed against Mohammad Miraz, Mohammad Aftab, Mohammad Rahil, K Mohammad and Mohammad Sarafraj.

Police have been deployed looking at tension in the town. It is said that there was bedlam, violence
and rampage during sloganeering.

Source-Review of Urdu Press, India Policy Foundation, Issue:-16-30 June – 1-15 July, 2017

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