A Hindu Minor Boy Deb Datta has been kidnapped in Kustia, Bangladesh

ईमेल सब्सक्राइब करे और प्रतिदिन पाएँ उत्कृष्ठ लेख!

Deb Datta -9 years, S/O Pabitra Datta, Tithulia, Mirpur, Kustia has been kidnapped on 9th June 2018 while he was going to his coaching class early in the morning.

The local Community people did a human chain to rescue the minor boy. Probritra data received two phone called after the kidnapped his boy. The kidnapper demand 50 lacs taka to return back to his son.  However, Police detect the number – 01907651753, the sim owner name Jewel Rana, a man of Kamrul Islam- Upazila Chairman of Kustia. However, Jewel  Rana told the Police that his sim card has been lost three months before but he did not do any FIR to loss his sim card.

However, we have to know from the local people that in Tithulia village, there are only 15 families are Hindus are solvent and landowner. Mr. Probittra Kumar Datta a renowned school teacher and he leads the community of Tithulia. Even no one can do anything illegal for him at Tithullia.


Moreover, the local people said to capture the Hindu land the local few culprits are behind the bar. They may think that if they kidnapped the son of Probittra Datta then Hindus will be morally week in Tithulia and they can easily leave to India.

However, OC  told to us that within ½ days they will able to rescue the boy, although he told the same thing before. He said, “Inshallah within ½ days, we will give a positive News”. But the parents and local people are hopeless.

ईमेल सब्सक्राइब करे और प्रतिदिन पाएँ उत्कृष्ठ लेख!

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