Iftar party in Hindu math

According to Munsif (June 28), chief of Tejawar math Shri Vishwesha Teertha Swami organized an Iftar party for Muslims at Krishna Math and namaj was allowed. As per the newspaper, Swami Vishwesha Teertha said that Math had always very cordial relations with Muslims. In the year 1904 our senior swamiji was donated hugely by one Haji Abdullah. Shri Madhvacharya too had very cordial relations with Muslims. Around 800 years ago, a Muslim Sultan gave this land to Swami of Raghvendra Math so we organized Roza Iftar to better our relations with Muslims. Swamiji said that many Muslims invited me in their programmes. I was part of the inauguration of many mosques. I took this step for peace in the area. According to the newspaper, chief of the Sriram Sena Pramod Matalik he opposed roja to be organized in a Math vehemently and said that this was disrespect to Hindu society. Pramod Matalik reached Udupi and lodged his protest with Swami Vishwesha Teertha by saying that cow meat eaters should not be given Roza Iftar in a Math and facilitated namaj. Math Swami had said that Roza Iftar was organized to encourage increasing goodwill. This did not harm the Math neither it caused disrespect to Hindus. As far as allowing offering namaj was concerned, this was allowed not in temple complex but in the kitchen area. He said that some people are unnecessary trying to vitiate environment by provocative statement.

According to Munsif (June 29), chief of another Math Vishwesha Teertha supported Roza Iftar to Muslims in math. He said that this would better relations. He criticized some of the Leftist literature of Mysore and Raichoore for cow meat party. He demanded from the Central government to make tough law on cow protection.

Source-Review of Urdu Press, India Policy Foundation, Issue:-16-30 June – 1-15 July, 2017

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