Tarek Fatah’s Aligarh visit cancelled

According to Inquilab (June 9), visit of Tarek Fatah has been cancelled after protest from the different organizations of Muslims. Students from Aligarh University, Samajwadi Student Union and NSUI handed over a memorandum to the officials that if Tarek Fatah comes to the city he would be opposed. State president of NSUI Anushesh Sharma said that we would not allow any controversial man to enter Aligarh. On one hand Pakistan is beheading Indian soldiers in such a situation we would not bear any Pakistani in India. President of Samajwadi Student Union Zia ur Rahman said that organizing a programme of Tarek Fatah during Ramadan was a conspiracy. Some people eliberately want to disturb peace so they should not be allowed for such acts. This is to recall that one of the organizations of the RSS Aahuti had invited Tarek Fatah to participate in aseminar on world peace. ABVP criticized people opposing this programme was to be held in Dharm Samaj College and said that they were deliberately disturbing peace.

According to Inquilab (June 10), a sharp shooter Junaid Choudary belonging to the gang of underworld don Chota Shakeel was arrested for conspiring to kill liberal Muslim leader Tarek Fatah. He was released on bail recently. It is said that he was collecting information about Tarek Fatah. He was arrested by special cell in 2014 with arms and ammunitions and money sent through hawala. He was planning to kill the so-called leader Chakrapani who had bought car of Dawood.

Source-Review of Urdu Press, India Policy Foundation, Issue:-16-30 June – 1-15 July, 2017

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